Ltress, London
june 2002 - february 2016

Ltress - now in its 14th year

beautiful long hair beauty beautiful long blonde hair in motion menu

update saturday 6th february 2016


long blonde hair beautiful colours car ltress


long hair long  blonde hair extreme beauty silky long blond car ltress










jigsaw 80 piece

(target 10 minutes)





long hair beautiful pretty messy ponytail updo long blonde hair





valeria lukyanova living human doll barbie doll beautiful hair amatue long blonde hair mannequin beautiful tiny waist ltress  wix valeriahumandoll extreme beauty allure perfect breasts rear





22 thousand views



Hu Di - preparation for her EXTREME HIGH PONYTAIL !

4 minute HD video at youtube




magnificent long blonde hair





what a beautiful compliment!

this will open up in a GREAT ltress playlist

"ltress long hair - GREAT music 1"

all with FANTASTIC music



long hair long blonde hair valeria lukyanova human barbie doll beautiful long blonde hair ltress allure high heels

valeria lukyanova human barbie doll long blonde hair silver high heels





beautiful long hair extreme long hair ltress beauty



the Ltress form


the beautiful extremely silky long blonde hair
of valeria sokolova



valeria lukyanova being shown BEAUTIFULLY using WIX - 3 videos at once !

from ..



valeria lukyanov  living  barbie doll  encouner film the doll beauty  real human doll long   blonde hair  valerialivingdoll  ltress doll  tiny waist

valeria lukyanova human barbie doll at a film premiere in Los Angeles (not for The Doll !)

youtube video








Sees beautiful all natural perfectly manicured long nails ....

Out And About [EDITED: Tapping Only]

more further down





alla perkova






beautiful silky long blonde hair ltress



above is an 18 minute playlist of 6 very recent ltress youtube videos

"ltress long hair - GREAT music 1"

great to stick in smaller window - say, top left hand corner

while you work on other stuff

maybe just to listen to the music !

you don't even have to look at the gorgeous long hair being flaunted

(longer than 18 minutes if you repeat songs

- as you probably will ! - particularly the 3rd )








Hu Di - 3 tails - 4 minute video in HD





Hu Di very long silky hair shake










long blonde hair platinum blonde beautiful ltress ltresses beauty

beautiful platinum long blonde hair



magnificent heavy silky long beautifully curled hair in waves down her back













the video above, in this position close to the top of the Ltress page,

will be changed often

(next one tomorrow - saturday 16 jan)



long blonde hair beautiful volume beautiful  blonde curls   ltress ltresses beauty

beautiful curls - magnificent long blonde hair






long hair beauty beautififul long blonde hair golden blonde ltress

beautiful long blonde golden hair




long blonde hair beautiful  pulled out braid wow volume beautiful  blonde curls   stunning  extra long ltress ltresses beauty

WOW !!!!





valeria lukyanova human barbie doll tiny waist tight long blonde hair ltress





long hair long blonde hair valeria lukyanova beautiful living human barbie doll ltress valeriahumandoll jigsaw  ltresses tiny waist

120 piece

probably the MOST FUN of all the ltress jigsaws

and fair bit easier than it looks at first



beautiful long hair beautiful ltresses long blonde hair beauty  long straight silky blonde salon waist length ltresses magnificent curls ltress




long blonde hair


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ltress get over 2000 views a day at youtube

over 74,000 views in the last 28 days


70 piece - easy!










beautiful long  hair suzaa and girlfriend ltress

model: Suzaa

title: "her girlfriend makes suzaa's ponytail and braid"


sample video in HD

4 minutes 44 seconds !



CTRL - CLICK the link to open up in a new TAB

leaving Ltress at this point

while you admire Suzaa's unbelieveably beautiful very long, heavy and silky hair

before coming back here



© ltress february 2016