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june 2002 - september 2014
"12 years anniversary !"

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lolita richi human barbie doll 32f real red long hair

lolita richi human barbie doll ltress ukraine

Lolita Richi's long hair

beautiful red colour - stunning !



lolita richi human barbie doll tiny waist 20 inch tiny waist 32f  valeria lukyanova long hair ltress

Lolita posing to show off her tiny waist


"all of the boys at school fancy me ........


Lolita Richi is regularly showing

her "human Barbie doll" body off

(including video)









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new Hu Di video coming soon

her massively long ponytail thrown about

in the best ponytail action ever






vs370 now ready

Hu Di "on the swing"



the WAYBACKMACHINE is always fun !

this is what Ltress looked like in Feb 2006

the wayback machine has tracked Ltress since 2005 (as

(sadly "grabbed" in 2005 - has long since gone)

started in 2002


from hu di's july videoshoot

- very low resolution 320by240

actual resolution is 1920 by 1080



Hu Di from her "hair trapped" video





russian beauty - pantene


gorgeous long heavy silky mane

and a

magnificent hair throw !







competition for Valeria Lukyanova!

........... Lolita Richi !!!!

("Lolita" appears to have very long natural hair

- but wears a long platinum blonde wig to get the lolita effect!)

lolita richi human barbie doll  tiny waist ltress




Lolita Richi ... 20 inch waist
Human Barbie
At 5ft 4in, she has a 20-inch waist and 32F bra size
Has a huge following online
Lolita, from Kiev, Ukraine, boasts the same improbable body proportions as a Barbie
People have openly told me that they’re jealous of me and how good I look
Lolita Rich has a tiny 20-inch waist





Lolita maintains that her striking looks were achieved without plastic surgery, dieting or Photoshop
Lolita is almost indistinguishable from the doll due to her impossible body proportions and blank facial features
Lolita claims her doll-like looks are all natural
I think I’ve achieved this image better than anyone else,’ she said.
She is so attractive she apparently has to continuously turn boys down
Lolita is a high-school student, who lives in Turkmenistan
"All of the boys at school fancy me"


here is Turkmenistan ...........


lolita richi park seat human barbie dol



lolita richi profilebeauty platinum blonde long hair  living human barbie doll ltress.png


lolita richi extreme beauty platinum blonde long hair  living human barbie doll



lolita rich human barbie doll tiny waist 20 inch waist 32f bust competition for valeria lukyanova long hair ltress


Lolita Richi… who claims to be completely surgery free.

After seeing pictures of 5’4” Richi with her 20 inch waist and 32F cup size

Even though she’s not the first human barbie, she certainly believes she’s the best one out there.

. “I have a gorgeous figure so I don’t even have to diet


daily mail article today



Hu Di - magnificent long hair at Ltress




bobby manfords

massive long hair pictures collection on facebook ...........

bobby manford's INCREDIBLE facebook !!!

approx 150 groups

over 100 images in many groups

thats 15000 images !!!!!!!!!


the long hair images are some of the BEST ever seen on the internet !


see you back in 8 hours !







lukyanova lukyanova .....


new hu di video - in the swing !

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Hu Di's hair is now the longest ever

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music: - foreigner - i want to know what love is

video 1:15 then repeated in slo-mo - total 3:29

from "...long waves "




never supported Hu Di ?

- this is the magnificent mane you could soon lose forever...







Valeria Lukyanova - MAGNIFICENT long blonde hair down her black dress




valeria lukyanova - beauty !


valeria lukyanova's facebook

1,126,600 likes !!! (on 5 july 2014)







"hair over 1 eye"





(Los Angeles)
(New York)






model: Hu Di
" thrown on table
placed lengthways "




model: Hu Di
" throwing "

model: Hu Di
"...on the pink sofa"

model: Hu Di
"hair thrown on the table"


model: Hu Di
" serum drenched"

model: Hu Di

" thrown up high"

model: Hu Di
"ponytail after drenching"

model: Xiao Ling

model: Hu Di
"...long waves "

model: Hu Di
"...side braid ...
fur trimmed coat"


model: Xiao Ling
model: Maya
model: Hu Di
"BIG hair ! "
"fishtail braids"

model: Hu Di
"chalked ! "

model: Hu Di
"chalked - floor level "
model: Hu Di
"hair over 1 eye"
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
"the SOUND of her hair"
"hair trapped !"
"tin can rollers ! "
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
"...........on the sofa
.... hair hangs low"
"long hair over the desk"
" over her shoulder"


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hu di "hair trapped"




video sample (low res - but nearly 2 minutes !! )

pluse free zip file of 182 screen captures (46MB)

now added to


Hu Di " hair trapped"


one of the very best Hu Di videos !

video is longest ever at Ltress - 23 minutes in HD
















Hu di in the swing !.... further down ......




sanwei - big hair !






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october gold club now in production







just passed 100,000 views

lovely studio just off london's Oxford Street




Hu Di from her "hair serum" videoshoot












model: Hu Di

"hair throwing"













model: Sanwei

"kneeling in the corner"

sample HD 33MB over at vs213






hu di extra long waves




model: Hu Di

"...her hair drenched"




model: Hu Di

"hair hangs low from the pink sofa - white lacey skirt"



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model: Hu Di

"hair drops onto the long length of the table top - white lacey skirt"

lots of the sound of her hair

crashing down on the table top




Sanwei - 0.53 hold it ! 0.59 keep steady ! 1:04 dont release it yet - 1:08 MOTION !




van at her best !







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block 9 (201 - 225)



archive block 13



"tin can rollers" now available !

one of the very best !





hu di from her May videoshoot








Ltress' facebook



dana "by the lake in California"....




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ltress september 2014