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june 2002 - april 2014

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Hu Di -over 2000 views in a very short time

but there again

she does look STAGGERINGLY beautiful in that video

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valeria lukyanova




















working on this sanwei video all day today (sunday)










so FEW people are supporting Hu Di

by purchasing her videos

that all FUTURE Hu Di videos

will only be available

for Gold Club members

who will also get

much longer HD video samples





a lot of you will be

saying goodbye to Hu Di from today





over the next few months

Ltress will be considerably downsized

that includes the massive content

of quality free stuff

on youtube and facebook ....


...... whilst content for Gold Club members

will be massively increased







Hu Di's April script

the skirt has been chosen

and the videoshoot should happen tomorrow (friday)

or very soon afterwards

the script

simple but with some beautiful requests






music: - foreigner - i want to know what love is

video 1:15 then repeated in slo-mo - total 3:29

Hu Di

"...extra long waves"


further down







added yesterday (wednesday) on her facebook page

- link further down



this email being used for over 10 years !


Ltress is "smartphone friendly"

obviously ! :)

actually it looks better on a smartphone

- much better !!!

(try it !)



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the stunning beauty of Valeria Lukyanova featured at Ltress




the stunning beauty of Hu Di featured at ltress


Hu Di

"...extra long waves"


further down
















nika !




(New York)



My Tam's new facebook page

2 incredible pictures - WOW !

a magnificent mane and a great pose

link to My Tam's new facebook page

please just bob over and say "a big HI" from Ltress !''


content below from My Tam's other facebook ................


pretty dress !





here at LAST


an LTRESS .......

long hair WORLD FIRST !

Hu Di "her hair ....'hair serum' drenched"

and it DID get drenched !


file to save and

hundreds and hundreds

of unbelievable 640 x 480 pixel screenshots

over at







*** news ***

latest hu di script went off to china this afternoon

one scene (out of 4 scenes)

is to concentrate on the SOUND

of her hair crashing down the side of the table

(and scene 4 is more "hair over 1 eye"

which is always popular)

after over 2 months

it will be interesting to see how long her hair is !


nice !




"Hu Di's "hair serum" videos (2 of them)

here in next 7 days

- her hair did get

VERY heavily drenched !

and then her magnificent long mane became very HEAVY!





video here in few days - by 23 march

-- ooops - looks more like 5th april now!


archives are coming back in a "2006 - style" - but improved ! -

and, of course, smartphone friendly

model: Xiao Ling
model: Maya
model: Hu Di
"BIG hair ! "
"fishtail braids"
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
"chalked ! "
"chalked - floor level "
"hair over 1 eye"
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
"the SOUND of her hair"
"hair trapped !"
"tin can rollers ! "
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
model: Hu Di
"...........on the sofa
.... hair hangs low"
"long hair over the desk"
" over her shoulder"

archive block 14

(missing numbers - like vs345

have not been allocated yet)



Ltress' facebook 15 march





Hu Di "hair trapped" is vs344

- LOTS of screenshots

oh, and its 23 minutes of highlights long !


wow !

JJJ's MAGNIFICENT long blonde hair


Ltress says "congratulations" !!!

JJJ's site


every strand visible !




Dao - sunny - parasol needed




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aim to deliver video links wiithin about 1 hour of first emailing ltress


(this is an interim measure until download becomes instantanious again

but that is awaiting for e-junke to integrate to google-wallet

after the world wide demise of google-checkout)




sample video currently proving very popular

over at Ltress' facebook

(over 1000 views overnight (sunday night) )


here is the video to save ....

( its got GREAT sound of her hair crashing down)

video 13MB

(its from vs343)



SENSATIONAL long blonde hair !



drum and tray !



Ltress' facebook 8 march



vs353 added (6th march)

vs353 - "...her hair over her shoulder"




video mp4

Hu Di's extremely long high ponytail

drenched during her recent

"hair serum" videoshoot





Dao - stunning !

Dao's MAGNIFICENT "beyond floor-length! " mane


(lots more about the exciting partnership between vnlonghair and ltress soon)


Dao, Lam and Hoai over at

ltress' facebook





long hair running

producing a beautiful hypnotic "bounce"


Ltress' latest entries on facebook





vs352 Hu Di - ".. her hair over the desk"

added ... (saturday 15 february)





the SOUND of Hu Di's

crashing down on the desk


at 0.12 and 0.24 - sample video over at ...




news *** vs351 is proving very popular

and the new paypal opton is working very smoothly

just email ltress to start the process - which should take less that 1 hour




Hu Di from vs351 - "...on the sofa... hair hangs low...."








"Hu Di - running with her ponytail bouncing"

(feb 2013 - 1 year ago)

(hair grows at approx 6 inches (15cm) a year

-her hair is a lot longer now

as can be seen in vs351

-filmed just before xmas)







Ltress' first chinese model

the SOUND of her hair

you will need to "unmute"




wang wenwen back in the archive soon (re-renderred)




emme - superb slo-mo (in parts)

especially 0.27 !!




to purchase Ltress videos .........

simply email ltress with the video numbers

existing customers can use paypal ...

and will normally receive their videos in approx 1 hour

(10am to 8pm UK time)

non-customers will be sent other payment methods

(minimum order £12, $16 or 14 euros)


schedule of releases of new Hu Di releases ....




videos over at Ltress' Facebook




ceiling not high enough !


hu di from her latest video "hair serum"

due in march




model: Hu Di

"...on the sofa... hair hangs low...."




39 second video over at vs351

the preparation

of this incredible video (and the webpage vs351)


taken about 40 hours !

(ie a week's work !)




images from Hu Di's latest videos .................





block 9 (201 - 225)

click on each image

for the link


archive block 13



"tin can rollers" now available !

one of the very best !



GOLD25 is FREE if you spend £25 ($40) since May 1st 2013

GOLD25 is simply STUNNING


contains the BEST hair flaunting video (sample - 2.5 minutes HD plus website link)

(and its non - Ltress!) I have EVER seen !

email received a few weeks ago from a loyal Ltress supporter

permission gained to publish

GOLD25 is proving a knockout hit !

(the long hair (all non ltress) is BREATHTAKING

and the Hu Di blooper (with translation of what she said) is just so funny - )


GOLD25 praise - email received 2 days ago

- comment from someone who

has been following Ltress for 12 years

so has seen a LOT of great long hair flaunting!



will be ready in approximately 1 week




hu di from her 2nd video - quite a time ago now

"braid on top of loose hair down her back "

not currently available

video (HD)





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ltress april 2014